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Radio Commercials

(Tell us how long your ad is)
On Air Mention – $35 (proposed)
15-second spot = $50 (proposed)
30 sec spot ($100)
60 sec spot ($150)

Spot Impressions Per Month

(Minimum number of ads aired monthly)
100 ($50)
250 ($100)
500 ($250)


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News ($50)
Live Show ($100)
Pre-Recorded Show ($50)

Radio Ad Production

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15 sec production
30 sec production
60 sec production

Banner Ad Sizes

Leaderboard Bottom (728w x 90h px)
Sidebar Medium (300w x 250h px)
Skyscaper Thin (160w x 600h px)
Skyscaper Wide (300w x 600h px)
Mid Page Large (970w x 250h)

Banner Ad Production

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Why buy Radio ad space?

According to the Nielsen Total Audience Report, radio reaches 92% of Americans age 18+ each and every week. To compare that impact with other media sources, smartphones reach 83% of Americans each week; TV reaches 89% of Americans each week; and computers reach 50% of Americans each week. And this is happening while other advertising outlets like cable TV are losing audience–a phenomenon known as “cord-cutting.”

Radio is growing.

Author Annette Malave, SVP of the Radio Advertising Bureau, reports “The only medium noted as not experiencing declines, or better positioned as having a consistent audience reach, was radio – around 90% for at least the past nine years.” Each other medium noted within the release – newspapers, cable TV, network TV, local TV and digital-native news – had declines ranging from 5% to 15%.”

Malave goes on to report how Pew Research Center’s “5 Facts” mean a lot to radio. So in keeping in Pew Research Center’s “5 Facts” format, here are top five facts (along with supporting data) about radio:

1. Radio’s listening audience is growing.

June 2014: radio reached 244 million people weekly
June 2018: radio reached over 247 million people weekly

2. Radio reaches consumers on the go.

Wherever or whenever they want it – live or via streams, apps, podcasts and across devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, smart TVs or smart speakers.

Online radio listening is growing to 180 million people monthly
Podcast listening growth to 124 million people

3. Radio has an emotional connection unlike any other medium.

87% say that broadcast radio personalities make them laugh
64% would follow their radio personality if they went to another radio station
61% stated that the personalities on radio stations make them think
51% see radio stations personalities or DJs like a friend/family
46% trust radio station personalities – they are opinion leaders

4. Radio is local.

84% of listeners believe that radio’s primary advantage is its local feel.

5. Radio delivers results.

Radio delivers a $10 to $1 ROI
Radio delivers a 29% lift in incremental Google search
Radio delivers campaign awareness lift when combined with other media

Since Radio reaches 92% of Americans age 18+, that makes radio America’s number one Reach Medium.

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