Meet the Team!

Bishop - Final

Robert G. Brown

Founder and CEO of RGB Internet Radio and Host of Talk Time

Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking

Fun Facts: Pilot, Plays bass guitar, former night club owner and sank a 204 yard hole-in-one at golf course in Marlboro

Favorite Music: Jazz, Gospel

Regina - Final

Regina Shearer

Host of Winning Women

Hobbies: Singing and writing songs, playing golf, jigsaw puzzles, learning languages

Fun Facts: Sang with The Platters for 14 years, cheerleader and gymnast in high school, 20 jumps skydiving 

Favorite Music: Jazz, 60’s-70’s rock and roll, Gospel

Deland - Final

Deland Senatus


Hobbies: Professional Drummer, Professional DJ, Motorsports, ATV, Jet-skiing and Traveling

Fun Fact: I have a twin, I won a car, I was on the news twice in 2008 for my acting as Obama in a drama.

Favorite Music: Anything Michael Jackson, R&B, POP, Kompa, Caribbean

Abelson - Final

Abelson Edmond


Hobbies: Playing soccer, basketball, swimming, and Dominoes 

Fun Fact: Pretended to be a Preacher growing up, has painted over 50 rooms/houses 

Favorite Music: Kompa and Gospel 

Merisa - Final

Merisa Abotchie

Social Media Manager

Hobbies: Traveling, Playing Basketball, and Cooking   

Fun Fact: Loves the beach but won’t get in the ocean. When I was 1, I picked the winning lottery numbers by picking up scattered numbers on the floor.  

Favorite Music: Gospel and R&B